I applied twice to ANTENOR

“I applied twice to ANTENOR for a position as a doctor. Each time, I was completely satisfied. I would definitely recommend this company to all doctors who are looking for a job.”


Meeting as part of a recruitment process

“We met as part of a recruitment process for an occupational physician for a position at Société Générale. When you are an occupational physician, you are not trained or used to interviewing people. During our meeting, which was a proper exchange, you helped me to formalise my answers, which greatly helped me during the interviews that followed and which finally led to a job. Many thanks!”


Cooperation with ANTENOR

How would you describe your cooperation with our firm?
C.G: “Transparent, simple and effective collaboration. Great responsiveness and a very good understanding of our issues.”
How would you describe your ANTENOR experience in 4 points?
C.G: “A thorough knowledge of our business.
The responsiveness of the consultants (briefs on profiles and positions, making appointments with candidates, debriefing candidates, advice on salary, etc.). Good candidates who met our expectations, followed by offers of employment from us.
Advice throughout our recruitment process.”
In your opinion, what are ANTENOR’s skills that make it a partner of choice?
C.G: “Professionalism, very good knowledge of the health sector, a comprehensive screening of the “market”, responsiveness and transparency.”
Could you describe a project in which ANTENOR was involved and what was the result of this collaboration?
C.G: “ANTENOR’s support in the construction of our Medical Department: still in progress, but with no doubt about the positive results, as was the case in previous experiences.”


Search for medical and paramedical staff

“I would recommend ANTENOR for the search for medical and paramedical staff. It was very responsive in the search for a masseur-physiotherapist that I entrusted to it. This was crucial for the facility I manage, given its specialisation in follow-up and rehabilitation care. Between the signing of the contract with ANTENOR and the recruitment of the health professional on a permanent basis, a period of approximately 5 months elapsed, which is relatively short. At all stages of the mission, ANTENOR was attentive to the smooth running of the task. In the end, the objective was achieved and that is the most important thing for me as a hospital manager.”


25 years of sharing and loyalty

“Our collaboration with ANTENOR is a long story: 25 years of sharing and loyalty! This adventure has lasted over time thanks to the qualities of professionalism, ethics, listening and adaptation that ANTENOR has shown in order to follow the changes in our company. It has demonstrated its ability to position itself in the highly competitive recruitment market in terms of quality of service, cost and responsiveness. Above all, the strength of our partnership is based on respect and transparency, which is a key value for efficient and high-quality work.”


Responsiveness, flexibility and professionalism

« Nous travaillons depuis plusieurs années avec Antenor pour le recrutement de profils experts, et nous en sommes particulièrement satisfaits. Nous avons pu nous appuyer sur l’expertise de Catherine pour identifier rapidement des profils pertinents et sur ses précieux comptes-rendus pour prendre notre décision. Le cabinet a su faire preuve de réactivité et de souplesse avec beaucoup de professionnalisme, ce qui a été très apprécié. »


L. V.,

Banking Sector