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Concernant le COVID-19 et suite aux mesures gouvernementales,

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The world of cosmetics is marked by a very strong policy of innovation, all the more remarkable as this segment is increasingly subject to regulatory requirements derived from the drug industry, both in terms of studies and measures of effectiveness and safety requirements for active ingredients and finished products.



ANTENOR provides its clients with expertise in identifying and selecting suitable talent in the following areas:

  • Skin care
  • Make-up
  • Organic Cosmetics
  • Perfumes
  • Well-being
  • Hygiene



ANTENOR provides its clients with expertise in identifying and selecting suitable talent in the following areas:


C Level
General Management, BU Management


Marketing & Sales
Marketing management, Process Manager, Product manager, Sales management, Regional management, Key Account Managers, Export Manager, Technical Sales Engineer


Regulatory Affairs
Regulatory Affairs Department, Regulatory Affairs Officer


R&D and Clinical Research
R&D Director, Project Manager (organic synthesis, plant extraction, cell culture), Process Development Engineer, Formulation Manager (skincare, make-up, fragrance), In Vitro and Clinical Evaluation Manager, Sensory Evaluation, Safety Assessor, Structural Analysis Manager, Packaging Development Department


Technical Support

Technical Services/After-Sales Department, Application Engineer, Product Specialist


IT, E-health

IT Project Manager (IT Solutions), Digital Consultant


Supply Chain & Purchasing
Supply Chain Director, Logistics Director, Purchasing Director, Raw Materials Buyer


Production, Quality, Maintenance
Site/Operations Manager, Production Director, Industrialisation Manager, Technical Management, Maintenance/New Works Manager, HSE/Classified Sites Manager, Continuous Improvement/Lean Manufacturing Manager, Quality Assurance Manager, Quality Control Manager

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