Diagnostic & Interventional Imaging

A dynamic and digitised market

Medical imaging is certainly one of the fields of medicine that has made the most progress in the last twenty years. Recent developments allow better diagnosis and also new treatments for many diseases. The medical imaging industry is making significant advances that can transform the way doctors examine and treat patients.


Today, this very dynamic market juxtaposes different solutions with real-time imaging techniques, functional imaging, post-processing techniques: 3D reconstruction, intensity projection, PACS, interventional radiology in the operating theatre with hybrid rooms and associated scanner room.



Antenor operates in all segments of the medical imaging field:


  • Conventional and interventional radiography, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), CT, endoscopy, scintigraphy, angiography, microscopic imaging
  • Optical scanning, which is emerging for the diagnosis of skin cancer, traditionally diagnosed by biopsy
  • Thermography is used to detect skin cancer, bone and muscle diseases
    Elastography techniques are emerging in the diagnosis of breast cancer or the health of a liver.



ANTENOR provides its clients with expertise in identifying and selecting suitable talent in the following areas:


C Level

General Management, BU Management


Sales & Marketing

Sales Director, International Sales Director, Key Account Manager (Sales Engineer, Application Engineer, Clinical Specialist, Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Product Specialist



RIS/PACS Consultant, Technical Consultant

Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance & Medical Affairs
Regulatory Affairs Officer, QA Manager, Material Safety Officer, Medical Management, Medico-Marketing, Scientific Affairs Managers, Medical Advisor, Scientific Communications Manager,



R&D and Clinical Research

R&D Director, R&D Project Manager/Engineer, Medical Imaging Engineer, Clinical Research Manager, Clinical Specialist


Production, Quality, Maintenance

Production Manager, Technical & Maintenance Manager, Continuous Improvement/Lean Manufacturing Manager, Industrialisation Manager, Quality Manager


Supply Chain & Purchasing

Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Project Manager, Logistics Director, Purchasing Director, Buyer


IT, E-health

IT Project Manager (IT Solutions), Digital Consultant



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