Health Tech – Connected Health


The healthtechsector ( biotech, medtech, e-health ) is an ecosystem which is under an undergoing significant development with the emergence of new technologies, and the funding of these new structures is also growing very strongly. We offer our expertise in recruitment and HR consulting in healthtech across international geographical territories.


Hence, the field of e-health, or digital or connected health (the application of information and communication technologies - ICTs - to all health-related activities), integrates all the new tools concerned by the digital revolution (e.g. telemedicine, connected medical devices, computer-assisted diagnosis, digital therapy, etc.).



In this context, we support our partners in the acquisition of new talents who will participate in their development with new expected expertise. As a result, Antenor adapts to these market evolutions and responds to specific needs, such as the evaluation of new skills expected in the IT and sales functions. Technological innovation is transforming the entire health sector


Big data, the internet of connected objects, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 3D printing and robotics are revolutionising the way medicine is practised, diseases are treated, diagnoses are made, and treatment is defined and monitored.



In all jobs, there is an increasing emphasis on digital technology and an increasing impact of regulations. We are witnessing a war for talent for: Expert profiles in data, connected objects and artificial intelligence (AI)


C Level :

General Management, BU Management, Marketing management, Sales management, Information System Manager, CTO (technical director)


Sales & Marketing expert :

QARA profiles, Clinical project manager, Product Owner, CRM Manager, Scrum master / Project manager, Business development, Digital marketing

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