Home healthcare provider


The market for home health services in France benefits from a very favourable dynamic. Between the growing ageing of the population, the continuing shift to outpatient care, the desire to be cared for and to age at home, the increase in the prevalence of certain chronic diseases (diabetes, respiratory diseases, cancer) and progress in medical and technical equipment, there are many strong growth factors in this market.


This market is marked by great diversity, with participants coming from the health or medico-social field, or with public, voluntary or private commercial status. Coordination between PSADs (integrated monitoring and diagnosis assistance systems), pharmacies, SSIADs (nursing services at home) and HAD (home hospital treatment) establishments is a key issue for the sector, as is improving the clarity of each party's role in order to improve efficiency.



Dans les métiers de Prestataire de santé à domicile, ANTENOR couvre un grand nombre de secteurs parmi lesquels :

  • PNI
  • Respiratory
  • PND 


  • MAD
  • Medical Equipment



ANTENOR provides its clients with expertise in identifying and selecting suitable talent in the following areas:


Marketing & Ventes  

Directeur d'agence, Directeur commercial, Directeur régional, Directeur technique, Responsable Marketing, Directeurs des opérations, Responsable Commercial


Supply Chain & Achats 

Responsable Logistique



Pharmacien, Infirmiers Coordinateurs


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