In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)

A cutting-edge and innovative sector

Although they represent only 1% of overall health expenditure, these analyses are used at all the crucial stages of the health care process, in 70% of medical decisions in primary care and in over 80% of hospital decisions.


These analyses are used for :

  • Disease prevention
  • Prediction
  • Identification of pathologies
  • Patient management and therapeutic follow-up: measurement of individual biological parameters or monitoring.


In this dynamic and agile Healthtech ecosystem, Antenor supports its clients in advice and talent acquisition in view of the transformation of this business sector and the emergence of new professions.




We support manufacturers in their recruitment and talent development projects by drawing on a team of sectoral and business experts.


  • medical analysis laboratories
  • suppliers of laboratory instruments for clinical biology or outsourced
  • Digital Tech 



ANTENOR provides its clients with expertise in identifying and selecting suitable talent in the following areas:


C Level

General Management, BU Management


Sales & Marketing

Sales Director, International Sales Director, Key Account Manager (Sales Engineer, Application Engineer, Clinical Specialist, Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Product Manager, Product Specialist


Regulatory & Medical Affairs
Regulatory Affairs Officer, Material Safety Officer, Medical Department, Scientific Communications Officer

R&D and Clinical Research
R&D Director, R&D Project Manager/Engineer


Production, Quality, Maintenance
Production Manager, Technical & Maintenance Manager, Continuous Improvement/Lean Manufacturing Manager, Industrialisation Manager, Quality Manager


Supply Chain & Purchasing
Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Project Manager, Logistics Director, Purchasing Director, Buyer


IT, E-health

IT Project Manager (IT Solutions), Digital Consultan, organisation and network engineer

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