Scientific instrumentation


The laboratory supplies market is dominated by the academic research segment and companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics segment.
The health crisis has had a major impact on academic laboratories and industrial sectors such as chemicals, automotive and aeronautics.


Medical biology and the pharmaceutical industry are experiencing strong growth with PCR and laboratory robotics technologies. The digitisation of these markets continues to develop, primarily in response to the need to streamline research activities.



ANTENOR intervient sur l’ensemble de segments dans le domaine de l’instrumentation scientifique :

  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Bio Pharma
  • Environment



ANTENOR provides its clients with expertise in identifying and selecting suitable talent in the following areas:


C Level
General Management, BU Management


Sales & Marketing

Sales Director, International Sales Director, Key Account Manager (Sales Engineer, Application Engineer, Clinical Specialist, Marketing Management, Product Manager, Process Manager, Product Specialist


Regulatory & Medical Affairs
Regulatory Affairs Officer, Material Safety Officer, Medical Department, Scientific Communications Officer


IT, E-health 

IT Project Manager (IT Solutions), Digital Consultant, organisation and network engineer, etc.

R&D and Clinical Research
R&D Director, R&D Project Manager/Engineer


Production, Quality, Maintenance
Production Manager, Technical & Maintenance Manager, Continuous Improvement/Lean Manufacturing Manager, Industrialisation Manager, Quality Manager,


Supply Chain & Purchasing
Supply Chain Director, Supply Chain Project Manager, Logistics Director, Purchasing Director, Buyer



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